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Dal 1962

Numerical control processing


In 1988 we installed the first four-axis numerically controlled pantograph. This new machinery has allowed us to create extraordinary objects, achieving a high performance capacity.

Today our machines come to have five axes and allow us to obtain unique machining in terms of precision, quality and difficulty of execution.

Also thanks to this long experience, today we are able to work materials other than wood, such as plastic polymers and aluminum.


From furniture or design elements, to objects, passing from artistic and industrial components, we are able to obtain any type of three-dimensional object.

Classic processing


In addition to the use of 5-axis machines, classic processes remain an integral and important part of our business.


We started from there and built our experience on that basis.

We are experts in the cutting, preparation and roughing of wood and we are passionately dedicated to every process we carry out on the material we treat.

In particular, we carry out:


  • planing

  • thickness

  • cut

  • bonding

  • sanding





and passion




and transparency

A story that comes
from afar

Over half a century of history.

Fratelli Montorfano was born in 1962, on the initiative of Attilio Montorfano.
Since then, the passion for woodworking has remained intact and has turned into profound experience.
The means and the technology have changed, but not the art of transforming a raw material into a useful and, above all, beautiful object.
Fratelli Montorfano was among the first artisan companies to use numerically controlled machinery. A long adventure that has always seen the company running with technological innovation and that sees the current partners, Giuseppe, Tarcisio, Mirko and Francesco, engaged in new daily challenges.

Our passion
in all of this
what are we doing


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